About us

Samantha Hollins

Samantha Hollins, Assistant Superintendent,
Virginia Department of Education

It is the vision of the Virginia Department of Education to create a centralized statewide portal for information, resources, demonstration, and research for educators and other stakeholders in the transition of youth with disabilities. The Center on Transition Innovations (CTI) at Virginia Commonwealth University provides evidence-based resources and information along with emerging practices in the field. The results of research studies and demonstration projects conducted here in Virginia help us shape the ongoing work of CTI.


Our mission is to provide information, resources, demonstration and research on pathways to employment that support youth with disabilities to gain access to integrated competitive employment to the fullest extent possible. Through participation in evidence-based employment and work experience models, higher education or postsecondary education training, youth can become integral members of their communities.

What makes us innovative

We’re not just saying it, we’re doing it. In addition to offering rich information to support the improvement of transition outcomes, we are in the field demonstrating and researching employment and postsecondary education models to better serve youth with disabilities.

Research and demonstration

CTI’s research and demonstration projects are funded through the Virginia Department of Education. Much of the work we conduct with our collaborators has one goal: to provide information on pathways that lead to integrated competitive employment for youth with disabilities. The results of our work help to shape the development of our online resources.

Online resources

  • Free online courses for Virginia’s middle and high school special educators
  • Fact sheets on pertinent transition topics
  • Webcasts from state and national experts in the field
  • Emerging and evidence-based practices
  • Facebook page with the latest news about transition
  • Informational videos